Inheritance tax cover or section 72 cover
Inheritance tax cover or section 72 cover
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People do business with people – not companies. You need to know that who you are talking to in relation to your financial needs understands you, your family requirements, your business requirements and more importantly your priorities.

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Jacinta Lawlor Founder & Director

I have always had a knack for solving people’s problems – cutting to the chase to get to the root cause of the problems and applying the 100 year fix not just a plaster. (My sisters call it ‘taking over’!)

After almost 20 years of working for large financial institutions I was always struck by the number of people who were terrified of or hated form filling and anything remotely financial related.

I got so used to the full-on nature of the Corporate structure which could involve me presenting to a few hundred people in a morning and then that afternoon sitting in a garage lock up discussing the owners tax bill and his urgent need for some element of financial cover for his family. It was hectic and full on and I expected clients to make financial decisions and move at the same pace.

In reality, most people are so overwhelmed by the process that they leave it to one side and do nothing.

This was brought home to me in a very personal way by what happened to a Great Aunt and my Granddad:

Mam’s aunt Nancy was a great lady, in her 80’s, never married, career civil servant who like many of her generation paved the way for so many working women. Owned her own house, very financially independent and the family never worried about her until the day came that we realised she wasn’t coping very well at home.


Now Nancy was very organised and it is to her credit that she allowed me to step in and immerse myself in her financial affairs to ensure that her hard earned life savings were correctly used to pay for her nursing home, her extra care and to ensure that her house continued to be maintained as an asset to be used in the future as needed.

Even with her meticulous record keeping it was a nightmare dealing with banks, financial institutions, solicitors and government agencies on behalf of a woman who had early onset dementia.

We managed to get her enduring Power of Attorney set up in time, but the irony was that she was still compis mentis enough to pass the doctor’s test so we couldn’t apply to the Court to get it enacted.

So, the intervening four years before she passed away could have been hellish trying to get her monies released to pay her bills, keep her warm and safe etc if I hadn’t stepped in and basically took over the day to day running of Nancy’s affairs.

This experience made me realise that there are thousands of Nancy’s all over the country who have bank accounts, savings, policies, property, land, the farm and so on and an extended family who would be clueless on where to go to release funds for their loved one’s care.

For the sake of a few meetings and frank conversations before the inevitable happens, a family would be tearing their hair out with “officialdom’’ to get any financial information or much needed monies released to ensure continuity of care.

Wouldn’t a spreadsheet of assets, getting dormant accounts reactivated, a financial roadmap including funeral plans laid out ready for the family to refer to be a much better and easier solution for all?

My second personal story is one of regret. Regret that I wasn’t born about two decades earlier to help my granddad. He grew up on a city farm in Cork Street in Dublin’s inner city …. Yes a city farm! His mother brought property into the marriage to his father, who also had property, but of course like so many of that generation neither told each other and just collected the rents.

His mother died when he was young and his father re-married. Years later his family tried to piece together the assets, the solicitors offices that held deeds to properties, small strips of land around the city etc.

For whatever reason many of these records were lost and granddad listened to the bad advice he received that it would never be recoverable and would have cost a fortune to track down etc etc.

He was a labourer who was in awe of the ‘professional’ classes and so listened to them and did nothing. Can you imagine how different our family’s life would have been if I had been around to ferret out the information, make the calls, write the letters and trace down every last piece of ground his family owned in and around the city?

This is why I do what I do. My family is no different to any others. Each person has different needs depending on where they are in their financial journey.

My eureka moment came when I realised that part of the problem was that large companies offer THEIR best solution not THE best solution.

That realisation was the catalyst for me to make the brave decision to go out on my own.

People tell me what they think they need, I then help them identify what they actually need and then go off and find the solutions in the market to meet their specific needs for their current situation – what I like to call ‘’their right now needs”.

Then we review it regularly as their situation and needs change over time.

I finally became a mother in 2014 and this has further galvanised me to help as many people as possible. Everything that I recommend my clients to do, I do myself to create a financially secure future for my daughter.

Call me on 01 906 0398 and organise your complimentary 1 hour Investigation Meeting today – ‘you have everything to gain and nothing to lose’.

Dedicated to your financial success,

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