income protection insurance Dublin Ireland
income protection insurance Dublin Ireland
Income Protection Insurance Are You Covered?

What Would Happen If You Lost Your Income?
How Would You & Your Family Cope?

Income Protection Insurance Are You Covered?

Question :- What is 46 for Women and 49 for Men?

Answer:- The average age of an Income Protection Claimant in 2017 in Ireland (Source Irish Life Assurance Claims Statistics for 2017 Claims year).

Yes … 46 years of age for Women and 49 years of age for Men.

If you cannot work due to illness or injury, will you still have an income coming in? If not, or if it is reduced, then you need to look at some element of Income Protection cover.


The ‘it will never happen to me’ approach is cold comfort when you are ill, probably have medical bills on top of the normal day to day bills and are not in a position to earn any income to clear these debts, as well as keep the household going.

For most people their single biggest asset over their working life is their income. Their home, pension fund, savings and day to day family expenses are paid for by their working income. This is too valuable an asset not to protect.

Employers are not obliged to pay an employee when out on sick leave and the State Disability Benefit is minimal.

Does your Employer operate a sick pay scheme? If so, for how long does this scheme continue …for the full duration of an illness or for a set amount of time?

In the private sector over 80% of employees will automatically be fully dependent on the state disability benefit after an absence of less than 6 months.

In the public sector the norm is full pay for 3 months and half pay for 3 months. After this public sector employees are fully dependent on the state disability benefit.

If you are self employed you are not entitled to the State Disability Benefit.

We can help you put something in place that suits your needs and your pocket. We cannot help you once the illness or injury has happened so don’t put it off any longer.

Remember ….. The premiums for Income Protection cover attract income tax relief.

If you have your own business then self employed income protection is a must for you.

Let’s get started with Income Insurance…….

We always follow a 4 Step Process to gather your information on your current financial arrangements, assess their suitability for your current circumstances and fill in the gaps:

Step 1 – Initial Meeting (Investigation)

We will sit down with you (and whomever you wish) to ask all the relevant questions which will enable us to determine we are the right fit for you.

Step 2 – Needs Analysis (Fact Finding)

We will gather all of your up to date financial information and then conduct a ‘fair market analysis’ to find solutions to your specific need.

Step 3 – Recommendations

We will present you with your options and discuss the merits of each.

Step 4 – Implementation

We will help you to put your chosen option(s) for best income protection in place and guide you at every step of the way.

This will be done in a clear, concise, fuss free manner.

For many businesses and families the initial 1 hour Investigation Meeting shows them the stark reality of what their lack of planning is putting at risk.

The benefit to you is complete clarity:

• For your family
• For your business partners
• For your peace of mind

We ensure there are:

• No surprises
• Every recommendation is designed to match your specific circumstances
• Complete transparency and understanding of each recommendation
• We will simplify and consolidate your current financial needs

Our mission is to ensure, as appropriate, you, your family or your business partners know exactly what financial product you own and why you own it.

In addition we will complete an overview of your financial arrangements so that you will have a Roadmap for future financial planning.

There is absolutely no charge for this and this is our guarantee to you, your family and business partners.

Don’t forget this is a 1 hour meeting – Step 1 of a 4 Step Process that will simplify and consolidate your current financial needs and provide an Independent and tailored solution (s) for the future. This is too important to put on the long finger again.

Call Jacinta Lawlor on 01 906 0398 and organise your complimentary 1 hour Investigation Meeting today – ‘you have everything to gain and nothing to lose’.

We are happy to meet you (together with your accountant/ solicitor/ tax advisor if appropriate) at a location and time convenient for you.

We can quickly assess your needs and produce the best income protection quote for you.

Fundamental Life and Pensions Income Protection Cover Unit 11, Keypoint, Rosemount Business Park, Rosemount Park Drive, Ballycoolin, D11 W2YC, Ireland.

We find the best income protection quote for your specific needs, income protection insurance provides you with an income if you cannot work as a result of an illness or injury. We believe that we provide the best tailored income protection quote and cover for our clients needs.

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