life insurance dublin ireland
life insurance dublin ireland
Who Is Going To Take Care Of Them
If The Unthinkable Happens?

Life insurance isn't expensive, if your family rely on you
then you should get life assurance.

Life Insurance, Why Do I Need To Get Life Assurance?

1 in 2 Adults don’t have ANY Life Cover, 3 in 10 parents with dependent children have NO Life Cover or Mortgage Protection Cover at all. (Source Coyne Research 2017)

Is your family protected financially if something were to happen to you or your partner?  Mortgage Protection Cover repays the lending institution, but your family cannot eat the bricks.

If you have dependents, you need Life Assurance.  If you have debt, you need Life Insurance.  No ifs or buts.  If you bring much needed income into the household and this stops on your death, you need a Life Insurance Policy.

How long will your savings and investments last before they bomb out?  If you have not addressed this issue you really need to do something about it today.  Just ring us and we will help you put something simple in place that at the very least keeps your family going for the duration of their school years or until your partner can breathe again and face going back to work.

Sometimes Life Assurance is seen as a minefield, because there are so many bells and whistles that can be added to the type of Life Assurance Policy that would most suit you.  It’s our job to guide you through that, but it’s your job to ensure that something is in place to protect your dependents.

We will always ensure that you have life assurance cover that suits your pocket.

And remember… mortgage protection cover repays the LENDING INSTITUTION –  not your family.  They will not benefit from your Mortgage Protection policy.  Mortgage Protection cover is not the same as Life Assurance.

A Life Assurance Policy is normally fairly easy to put in place and doesn’t need to be expensive – it will be the cheapest piece of mind you’ll purchase.

Let’s get started  With Life Assurance………..

We always follow a 4 Step Process to gather your information on your current financial arrangements, assess their suitability for your current circumstances and fill in the gaps:

Step 1 – Initial Meeting (Investigation)                

We will sit down with you (and whomever you wish) to ask all the relevant questions which will

enable us to determine we are the right fit for you.

Step 2 – Needs Analysis (Fact Finding)

We will gather all of your up to date financial information and then conduct a ‘fair market analysis’

to find solutions to your specific insurance need.

Step 3 – Recommendations       

We will present you with your life policy options and discuss the merits of each.

Step 4 – Implementation            

We will help you to put your chosen life policy option(s) in place and guide you at every step of the way.

This will be done in a clear, concise, fuss free manner.

For many businesses and families the initial 1 hour Investigation Meeting shows them the stark reality of what their lack of planning is putting at risk.

The benefit to you is complete clarity:

  • For your family
  • For your business partners
  • For your peace of mind

We ensure there are:

  • No surprises
  • Every recommendation is designed to match your specific circumstances
  • Complete transparency and understanding of each recommendation
  • We will simplify and consolidate your current financial needs

Our mission is to ensure, as appropriate, you, your family or your business partners know exactly what financial product you own and why you own it. In addition we will complete an overview of your financial arrangements so that you will have a road map for future financial planning.

There is absolutely no charge for this and this is our guarantee to you, your family and business partners.

Don’t forget this is a 1 hour meeting – Step 1 of a 4 Step Process that will simplify and consolidate your current financial needs and provide an Independent and tailored solution(s) for the future. This is too important to put on the long finger again.

Call Jacinta Lawlor on 01 906 0398 and organise your complimentary 1 hour Investigation Meeting today – ‘you have everything to gain and nothing to lose’.

We are happy to meet you (together with your accountant/ solicitor/ tax advisor if appropriate) at a location and time convenient for you.

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